I Am Your Sales Growth Expert

I help your startup grow.
More sales. Better online presence.
Always with a wellness spin.

Helping you grow your sales engine

Especially with COVID-19 impacting our lives, our online work is now more important than ever. But learning ths ins and outs of selling online can be like a minefield. 

Let me help you navigate and build a thriving online sales process using my more than 7 years management consulting and 8 years of entrepreneurship and founder experience. 

My Services

I get great satisfaction and purpose than from watching the founders I work with THRIVE! Whether its through speaking, online programs or consulting, my goal is always to understand your business and figure out what works for you and your team

Who is Tash?

Whether living in San Francisco, Saudi Arabia or Nova Scotia, I have learned to bring my social media, marketing and sales expertise to live in markets across the world. 

Working with over 300 founders over the past 8 years, I've learned tools, tips and tricks that help startups to experience sustainable growth; in many cases as high as 40% Month over Month! But there's way more to me than just the numbers...